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Web3DP Chip is another useful program that will automatically detect and display the information on your CPU, motherboard, video card and sound card, ETC installed on your PC. You can also choose to copy these information into your clipboard with one click for later use (such as posting in a forum). If you have working internet connection, you can. Web3DP Chip is another useful program that will automatically detect and display the information on your CPU, motherboard, video card and sound card, ETC installed on . WebOct 01,  · WinPT Portable Dev Test 6. Description: WinPT is “A graphical taskbar front-end for GnuPG with integrated key management and the ability for file and clipboard encryption.” WinPT Portable uses replace.me as described in this thread to portablize GnuPG dependencies.




New: Brain Workshop Dec 26, , Platform My GnuPG Portable 1. Download WinPTPortable 1. Development Test 2. His time is contributed to this project on a limited basis so please be patient. And if you find this program useful please send him your appreciation. I will also be monitoring his rss feed, so as new versions come out I will be updating the portable package.

I have found an issue that I could use help solving. Keepass just crashes with an instruction at foo cannot access mem at bar, memory cannot be written. Any ideas? I just retested this after un packing the WinPT. Edit: Download link doesn’t work. Maybe a file extension?

I’ve had a dickens of a time trying to get WinPT Portable to run consistently on different computers, but the one thing that has consistently worked for me is the download. I’m just hosting this off my family’s wordpress based site using the download monitor plugin. I’m seeing a few downloads of it. Maybe try another browser? Or is my site being blocked by a firewall of some sort on your end?

So I have just uncompressed the whole thing, adding about k to the size and now everything works everywhere I have tested. This version is now uploaded. I understand the premise of executable packing but I am unclear on the mechanics. My big questions are: 1. For what possible reasons would a packed exe that runs on one computer not run on another computer? How would the method of packing used on WinPT Portable be causing other apps to crash, namely Keepass? El Diablo? Even is a little late this comment, i wish to inform that I don’t use WinPT, but Kee Pass shows me an unconsistent behaviour with the automatic filling of user id and passwords fields.

After installation the GnuPG preferences point at my local installation rather than the portable installation. The keys are also created on the main C drive and not the portable drive. The portable installation of GnuPG has higher priority by default. WinPT Portable is supposed to search in the following order: 1. CommonFiles 2. ThunderbirdPortable 3. Local installation. Have you installed GnuPG Portable? If you have and WinPT still loads the keys from C: then we have an issue.

My other installation already existed. My memory stick is loaded as drive G: if that makes any difference. Like I thought. It isn’t finding the keyring because one doesn’t exist yet. There are two viable solutions. This will cause WinPT Portable 2. Install 2. If it is then WinPT will prompt to create a new keypair or import a keyring. This could be solved a few ways 1.

Any reason not to? I can understand the confusion. In experimenting with GpaPortable, I found that the following would set up the GnuPGhome directory with empty files — as a way to make the default directory work if it hasn’t been set up yet. It would work with the gnupghome in TBP too — just makes sure there’s something there for the various programs to detect. Once the programs run, they’ll populate the files with appropriate things.

The thb will provide right signatures, it ca verify them correctly and so can any other correspondent with pgp. The winpt will encrypt and decrypt, but when it comes to signatures it will sig with some wrong key settings appear correct and it stat any of its sig are bad. This will be approved also by pgp or enigma thunderbird. Sorry, I’m not clear on what problem you are having. I was not aware that Enigma on Thunderbird could process signatures for files.

If you use WinPT to sign text e. But I don’t think that is what you are asking about. If that is not the problem you are having, perhaps you could give some steps to reproduce the problem. Again, my apologies for not being able to perceive what the problem is. Thanks for your patience.

The basic problems with winpt on my side are not in fact with detached sig on files as such. This part seems to work, howevewer winpt will tell you wrong key ID number when verifying such sig. Probably reading the output of the gpg somehow shifted or what. Problem is more that when signing text either in clipbord or via the current window, such sig will later fail when vrified.

The key is recognised, the user ID displayed correctly, the key ID displayed incorrectly, but all that does not matter so much, simply the text in the clipbord seems to be once more modified after the sig was created and inserted around the text.

Same will come up if such text is sent by mail or newsreader etc. Yes I am aware of the line length etc, but in this case all line lenghts are set so that messages and sigs will not be disturbed. Eg: text with lines of not more then 60 chars, winpt set to 70 and mailclient to Such text will not be changed, nor will be the sig when passing via the same mailclient in and out sent to myself. I have not found the command charset in the manual of gpg and so it could be that there are some commands inserted or applied to gpg which do not exist any more.

Should not disturb, but who knows. I have informed the original author, TIM but somehow he has no stright answer and apparently no time to search the problem. BTW, I checked the functions again some pgp , ckt, 7.

When the sig is bad, it will be bad there too, which means not the sig check itself is wrong, but the text was modified after the sig done. I have not been able to reproduce these failures yet.

But I will keep working at it. You mention character sets. My further experiments show, that winpt does slightly modify the original text when used in the clipbord functions.

It adds some spaces, this would not harm too much, but on some occasions some chars which have actually no proper graphics attached under windows to it. When I open such text then in word, just to get overwiew, there can be some extra chars found on some beginings of line. Such text however mostly still can be verified, thought the key ID displayed is wrong. When such text is sent via some media like mail or news etc, this special char will be converted to two spaces.

Latests here, the verif ends. I will try to prepare collection of texts clearsigned under different circuumstnaces in different apps , before and after transmission and will let you know.

At present I am not able to operate the winpt at home, on my home computer, w2k, with no gpg or winpt installed, the winpt does not start, it finds some ‘preexisting key conflict’. What is that? Any idea? Could you post an example of a text file that you can copy to the clipboard, sign, and then have the signature fail?

We might be able to replicate it and see what is going on. Maybe you could post the signature along with it. So far, it doesn’t sound like what you are describing has anything to do with the portablizing of WinPT. Perhaps you could confirm it by going to gpg4win.

If WinPT can sign text in the clipboard when installed directly, but not when it is installed via WinPT Portable, that will be helpful to know; but if the installed version behaves the same, the bug report needs to be posted on that gpg4win.

My day job has kept me very busy of late but I have had a little time to work on this. I have been able to reproduce some defects, and I have gotten a working build environment for WinPT.

So far it does not look like an issue due to portablization but just some oddity in the code. I will post again when I start narrowing in on the issue. I need this one. Try to become final. Thanks for the interest.