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Download Desperate Housewives: The Game (Windows) – My Abandonware

If you haven’t played Desperate Housewives: The Game or want to try this strategy video game, download it now for free! Published in by Buena Vista. Originally released in United States, Germany, France, Russia in Currently you can download and play the game for Windows. Download Desperate Housewives.


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Run the setup. It should install a bit and ask you to choose Disk 2. Browse on your computer and find the drive that mounted image 2. Setup should proceed and finish. Choose to never register and not to launch the game. Search google for – gamepressure desperate housewives 1. Extract the patch and paste it in the Desperate Housewives folder you install where the installed program DesperateHousewives.

Run the patch and it will update the game to 1. If you run the game now it will still nag you about locating the CD and warn that you must have the original copy. The Daemon Tools images downloaded here will not work. Search google for – gameburnworld desperate housewives 1. In your game folder with exe rename the exe game file to something like DesperateHousewives-backup.

Paste the patched DesperateHousewives. Launch it and profit! The common man 1 point. Criken Made Me Do This 1 point. I genuinely walked away from my computer for my sanity when 10 minutes later I heard the theme music. Played in one play through because I was too afraid to start it up again. That being said I had a lot of fun. It had all the nostalgic vibes of Sims 2 with the well fleshed out ridiculous story line we always wanted the sims to explore further.

I only have passing memories of the show from when I was a kid but interacting with the characters was really fun. Weird trip down memory lane. Alysswed -1 point. I’m not getting this Daemon tools, and the option to mount doesn’t show up At least they have directions, unlike you guys Pinnacle of virtue 12 points. When doing it like this it sometimes takes a bit longer before it starts running, but it works.

The game was a lot of fun :. Tox 1 point. CallMeKevin 47 points. Mordius 4 points. Ashley 10 points. Lunamitza 1 point. AegonsConquest 2 points. I Managed to fix the other problem I was having but Now its saying put the original disc instead of a backup disk.. AegonsConquest 1 point. I keep getting an error with a cabinet file and because its a cabinet file I cannot fix it with compatibility- this is with disk 2.

Big Sis advice 1 point. Mikey’s 3 points. I couldn’t get it to work, it asked for disk 1 repeatedly, even after I mounted disk 1 : help please? Bogo -4 points. Retro Pixel Lizard 2 points. The Sims, but they speak English, with dialog, you can walk around the neighborhood, commit adultery, unleash your inner psychopath, burglarize your neighbors and watch them in their sleep.

Worth a try if you liked the Sims at some point in your life. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. If you have trouble to run Desperate Housewives: The Game Windows , read the abandonware guide first! We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. The customization options are fairly basic, as you’ll choose from one of several different body tones, hairstyles, outfits, etc.

The same can also be done for your husband and son, the former of who are an M. The limited customization isn’t too much of an issue however, as later on as your budget grows you can purchase new outfits, shoes, etc. After your family is established, she will begin integrating herself into the naughty neighborhood and follow the game’s storyline by accomplishing various goals. During the course of the game your character will interact with all of the major players from the show minus some introduced last season , including Susan, Lynette, Bree, Gabby, and Edie.

There are also other characters invented solely for this game to give it some added length, although they’re not really that remarkable. Like any Sims type game, you’ll spend most of your time in the game building relationships with your husband, son, and other NPCs. Some of these relationships effect the storyline while others do not, but character attitudes towards your character will fluctuate based on the responses and actions taken in relation to each.

Interaction with the environment is also important, as you must regularly take care of your character’s essential needs in order to keep your character happy. Your character has various needs aside from the purely physical of course, which are measured by the needs meter. These include things such as composure eat well and maintain strong relationships with neighbors , appearance splurge on the nice stuff at the mall , social keep up with the latest dirt , and happiness watch TV, play poker, or even seduce the neighbor – yes, even though you are married.

Your character’s home can also be customized to a great degree, with new furnishings, placement, etc. As any wife knows, perhaps the best way to keep her family happy is to keep them well fed. Cooking here is handled as a mini-game, where the player chops ingredients, mixes, stirs, bakes, and grills while making sure everything comes out OK. There are other chores to attend to as well to maintain a well run home, including gardening and cleaning.

To prevent these from dragging the game down too much, if your character’s budget allows it you can also hire a gardener, a maid service, or order take-out. Of course, the take-out won’t keep the rest of the family as happy as a good home-cooked meal, but it generally suffices.