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Play any driving game in the office and you’ll get a crowd rubbernecking. When they’ve finished that, they look at the game. The universal reaction is Cit’s identical to the last one’. Well yes, it is identical, but it’s also downloar different If you’re producing a simulation of a particular racinf league, and you’re updating what was already a superb game, it’s not surprising there are similarities. The tracks for a start.

Firstly, Papyrus really has got its svga shit together. The original game in nacar worked on high-end machines, but the detail on nasdar except the cars was poor.

The graphics have been massively extended to include trees, bystanders, team vehicles, pit buildings nascar racing 2 pc download so on. Not only that, http://replace.me/15714.txt the 3D engine has been tightened up to cope. If you’ve a decent 2MB graphics card and a P, all options can be switched on and you’ll get around 10 frames per second depending on how many cars are on screen. On a pioo with cars, track, skids and all the essentials COn’ with the other detail on CAuto’ drop below a preset frame rate and it’ll deselect the detailyou get much the same result: playable and pretty.

In fact, the best option to keep the frame rate up is to show fewer nascar racing 2 pc download ahead and behind. Secondly, the physics model is totally different. The cars in the original game were dacing difficult to control.

Foot down, drive off, tweak the wheel, spin. Drive off. First nasfar, brake too late, start to turn in while still braking. Repeat until raciing breaks from banging your head on it. Now, the dynamics are much more forgiving. If the back end begins to wobble, it’s much easier to bring it back under control. Spins are less violent, and it’s easier to steer the car out of them.

Contact with other cars is more likely to leave them a wheel lighter than you. It’s just more playable, okay? Certain tracks seem a lot faster and wider, too, such as Watkins Glen the only bendy one.

On the other hand, standing starts are tacing nightmare now – wheelspin city. Qualify in first, then drop to tenth as you leave more rubber on Yankie tarmac than you’ll see at a fetishist’s convention. Thirdly, the game now has more atmosphere, thanks to the steady stream of messages from the pit coming through your headset. Warnings about cars in your vicinity, accidents, letting you know that the three cars in front aren’t back-markers but for a position Fourthly, the menu screens are I now cleaner and simpler.

All the car I tweaking takes place on one screen at last – and it’s easier to navigate through the race weekend menus.

Oh, feck it. It’s fab. It really download time screensaver for pc. Take a track like Bristol the CFood ‘ -only in America, eh? Qualify in the middle of the grid, and with a rolling start, it’s a challenge making it safely round the first bend.

At Bristol, you’re always jostling with other dwnload, unlike the longer ovals. But once you’re in front, you have to stay there, and as your tyres turn into remoulds, the more prudent computer vehicles start catching up.

Closing a door has never nascar racing 2 pc download so much fun since doing it on Fatty George’s fingers in the fifth form. Then watch it all over again with the replay option. Then try racing the wrong way round the track and see how many pieces you have left when they tow you in. Then play it at work on your network with up to seven other players using IPX, or head-to-head via modem or direct connect. As a multi-player game, it’s a case of nascar racing 2 pc download driving very fast, very dirty or both Really, really fab.

For those without a life, racing a full laps complete with pit stops is the ultimate challenge, but downlkad normal humans there is a range of options, including an arcade mode. The fact that it’s not perfect is good news – Papyrus can now go ahead with version 3 rumoured to have 3D physics, hello to rolling cars, not present in this version still.

Niggles include the aforementioned lack of flying vehicles and a clipping plane that is far naruto ninja 5 game pcsx2 download close when you race using the external as opposed to cockpit view ie. The fantasy tracks mentioned in nascar racing 2 pc download preview aren’t eownload, but will be released as freeware after Christmas -we’ll have them on the Zone disk as soon as they’re out.

Oh, and you need glasses to read the rev counter, position and other text on screen – it was more prominent last time around. Also, selecting reverse gear is still a pain. If realistic saloon car-type racing is your bag, there is nothing else that comes close.

Nascar racing 2 pc download then, Papyrus has been absorbed by Sierra, and they’ve definitely taken advantage of the merger. This hard charging sequel ссылка на продолжение successfully upgraded the original to today’s technology, and added some nice new surprises as well.

I have to admit, my stock car racing experience is limited to the triple loop Tyco ‘Crash and Burn’ racing set. That and a road trip or two on the Atlanta, Georgia freeway nascar racing 2 pc download rush-hour. After playing this game, I’ve learned more than I ever thought I’d want to know about the tracks, the drivers, and the ins and outs of the cars themselves.

You can do your warm-ups, tweaking and tuning your vehicle until its perfect, practicing alone on a deserted track until you’re making the turns in your sleep. You can take try after try at the qualifiers, fighting the frustration of eating a wall nsacar blowing a tire on the last turn. Then finally, throw your racing gloves in the ring in a 42 car contest of speed, cunning, and determination. But let’s say you only have an hour. Jump right in, downlod up with Waltrip and Bodine in the big one, much to their dismay, I’m sure.

Race too long? Drop the Daytona to 5 laps. Who’ll notice? Don’t like caution flags and annoying pace cars telling you what to do? One click, and its a racing free-for-all as you dodge chunks of dead car through raing outer turns. And that pace driver? He’s back to his cabbie job at the airport. It also makes your opponents play to your ability, meaning that if you’re smoking the field, they’ll speed up and give you your race’s worth.

But if you’re bouncing off walls and pit crews and other cars, they’ll slow down and wait for you to catch up. If you want the real nascar racing 2 pc download, though, play in ‘Simulation’ mode. The other drivers will be in it to win, and nobody’s going to cry if you take a hard bump or two. No one but you, that is. You can adjust how powerful the other nascar racing 2 pc download are, in case you can’t handle them at full strength. Then there’s the ‘Damage’ toggle.

I found it frustrating early on nascar racing 2 pc download fragile my car could be sometimes; one little bump of the rail, or a friendly nudge to an opponent, and I’d be watching one of my tires head for the pits without me. This let me get away wwith a nudge or two, and when I was feeling particularly vindictive, I could even take a lap or two backwards! There’s something you nascar racing 2 pc download see very often on ESPN. But what’s the point of having 42 head-on collisions if you can’t go back and look at them?

You can switch camera angles from driver’s view to blimp view or any one of seven other different external cameras! Even better, you can bascar any car in the race with this system! They include standings for the race at the left side of the replay, telling where you are, on what lap, best and last lap times, and speed. Facing, they neglected to add a ‘Cars Annihilated’ stat; something I maliciously wondered about once or twice. The talking spotter and crew chief are a great addition to this game.

The crew chief drawls out advice on what needs to happen to your car when you hit the pits. The spotter chatters away, keeping you appraised of what’s happening on the track and to your car, warning you away from accidents, and laying into you when you’re doing something blatantly stupid, like bumping the pace car or going the wrong way around the track. He comes in real handy when you’re threading your way through the lead pack with Dale Earnhardt on your draft and Ricky Rudd in your blind spot.

Of course, nobody likes a know-it-all, so you can choose what you want 1 devil may game cry full download pc to tell you about. You can adjust wind speed and direction, and ambient temperature. Or choose ‘Random,’ just as in real life, and take it as жмите comes. The shining star of this game, however, nascar racing 2 pc download the car setup.

You can change everything on your car, except maybe the upholstery. Gear ratio, steering lock, shock stiffness, cross weight, anything they worry about on the tracks nascar racing 2 pc download Talledega, you can control on your desktop.

Which brings me to my next point. The page handbook provided with the game looks formidable, but if you want to get anywhere on the NASCAR circuit, you’re going to have to read it. I am a firm believer in the ‘Trial-By-Fire’ gaming method. I usually consider it an affront to my deductive abilities nascar racing 2 pc download I am forced to crack the manual. But this one is an exception. It explains all the possible permutations of each of the adjustable options for your car, and, more importantly, when and why you should do them.



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Overall: 8. Nascar Racing 2 is a racing game released подробнее на этой странице by Sierra On-Line.

This is the sequel to the Downpoad Racing game released in In the second part подробнее на этой странице the nascar racing 2 pc download you will find cars, tracks and drivers продолжить чтение the season.

The second part offers improved graphics and driving physics. In the game, we can race in a single race or take part in a series of races. Install notes: If you have an old computer with a VooDoo card, you can start the game in 3D graphics support mode.

If you are running the game in DOSBox – set the resolution x in the game settings. Important Information: Abandonwaregames. To the best of our knowledge, these games are no longer available on the market and are not supported by publishers.

If you know otherwise, write to us. Developer Papyrus Design Group, Inc. Publisher Sierra On-Line. Year Tags abandonwareoldgamenascarracingracingsierra. Genre racing. Platform PC. Similar games Users also downloaded the following old games. Chrome Specforce Techland. Legacy of Kain: Defiance Eidos. Latest added games View All. Top racingg nascar racing 2 pc download View All. The games you can find on our pages are no longer supported by the publishers.

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