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Loom pc game free download. Loom (USA)


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Internet Arcade Console Living Room. Books to Borrow Open Library. Perhaps a bit too cartoon like for serious gamers. Sound: The musical tones notwithstanding, sound effects and background music are definitely left wanting. Perhaps intentional omissions intended to insure no possible conflict with the importance of the spun thread notes.

Enjoyment: Very satisfying, smooth fantasy tale. Creates a feeling of wanting to see Bobbin succeed. It’s a nice change from having adventuring characters skewered, eaten, drowned, burned, blasted, bombed and slaughtered. Loom is an adventure game from LucasFilm. What sets Loom apart from other adventure games in direct comparison with Sierra’s is its unique interface: you do not carry items around, but rather manipulate existing items through the use of spells.

The spells themselves are woven through playing magical notes on a special distaff. Loom also features three difficultly levels, and differentiates them by changing the way the interface works: Standard features the distaff at the bottom of the screen but notes aren’t written, whereas Expert doesn’t have the distaff and you have to replay the spells by hearing alone.

In Loom you play the role of Bobbin Threadbare, a young man from the Guild of Weavers who just turned Although you do not know why, you are outcast from the guild and blamed for the lack of prosperity in recent times. After the Council of Elders is attacked and the Elders are turned into swans, you as Bobbin must set forth on a journey to find the swans and try to restore order to the Guild of Weavers.

One of the most unique adventures ever made, Loom is a brainchild of Brian Moriarty the brain behind Infocom’s Wishbringer and Trinity. The game’s intriguing plot is enough to ensure its “classic” status: you are Bobbin Threadbare, the mysterious “Loom child” and member of the Weaver Guild who must embark on a perilous journey to follow his guild members who were turned into geese and flew away from the Loom island.

You are Bobbin Threadbare, a young member of an ancient sect known as the Guild of Weavers. Loom is different from the many other adventure games because you play it, but complete it to experience its magic fully. Use Bobbin’s distaff to weave magical spells known as drafts which will help you on your quest to destroy Chaos. The spells are cast by using a series of musical notes that are discovered along the way. The game is highly detailed and even allows you to weave spells backwards for an opposite effect!

For example, the draft of opening cast backwards becomes the draft of closing! Special note must be made of the beautifully detailed graphics and the brilliant CD-quality musical score. The spells, though numerous, are easy to recall when you get the hang of it! Leave the friendly confines of our paltry little world and enter the universe of dark fantasy and incredible challenge contained within LOOM.

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