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Warriors Human, Half-Elf, and Elf only — see below porteaits other races. Priests Human, Half-Elf, and Elf only — see below for other races. Адрес Human, Icewind dale 2 custom portraits download, and Elf only — see adle for other races.

Wizards Icewinnd, Half-Elf, and Elf only — see below for other races. These are great! Is there any way to utilize them in the iPad version of the game? So there’s no technical hurdle, it’s just a doownload of collecting suitable artwork. This is a collection of additional portraits for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Editionwhich fit in with the original portraits that come with the game.

It is part of the following set of portrait collections: IWD style portraits: I. Canonical classes and races Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, This collection tries to remedy that by doqnload more portraits for all the classes and races officially supported by icewind dale 2 custom portraits download game, using a similar style as downllad built-in ones. Please note that I did not paint these portraits – they are pictures which I found online, painted by various artists see всё hp snmp agent download windows понятно Spoiler boxes below.

I merely turned them into IWD style portraits by cropping them and applying some post-processing. Portrait layouts For each portrait, three files are included. The first two icewind dale 2 custom portraits download the normal character record screen and side-bar versions, cropped like the original portraits. The portrais is an alternate version for the side-bar, corresponding to the ” Zoomed in side-bar portraits ” component of my IWD:EE Portrait Variations mod.

See the included readme files for details. Alternatively, click the Download button at the end of each post below, or get them from my Yandex. Disk or box. Preview The following 6 posts show thumbnails of all the icewind dale 2 custom portraits download portraits. Click a thumbnail to open its high-resolution version. Post edited by ineth on May January edited May Rossbach ” game concept art 1 ” by Justin Sweet ” Barbarian Chick ” by maciejkuciara ” Red Sonja ” by Andrey Vasilchenko ” zones warior ” by zix72 ” nzs ” by xu deng.

The spiritual operator. Orc- Last stand ” by bayardwu ” Ranger Orc ” by lithriel. January January edited July The original post content was: Following a suggestion by bengoshiI added a few portaits cropped from concept art by Justin Sweet who also painted many of the original portraits for the Icewind Dale games : Fighter: Fi01Fi02 Wizard: Wi04 Dwarf: Dw02Dw Post edited by ineth on July October edited October Big Update: v02 Many more portraits added.

There are now portraits in this collection. Together with the 59 original portraits and the 9 variations from my IWD:EE Portrait Variations mod, this should hopefully let you find something you like for your characters If your characters are Humans, Half-Elves, or Elves, that is. The “Other Races” bundle still has only the same old iceiwnd portraits.

I hope to get around to that one in the http://replace.me/12821.txt weeks. Subcategories I’ve further categorized the portraits within a bundle into subcategories.

This way, similar portraits can be together — both in the preview list on this page, and in the filesystem. New filename scheme Icewind dale 2 custom portraits download includes my modder prefix, and a letter specifying the subgroup. This means that if you’ve already installed the old version of this collection, you should uninstall it before installing this one to make sure you don’t end up with duplicates in your portrait folder.

Readme files Each bundle now comes with a hopefully helpful readme file. In addition to installation instructions and details about each portrait’s origin and modifications, it shows all the portraits at the size that they’re rendered at in-game, so you can get a better look compared dlae the thumbnails http://replace.me/23016.txt this page.

Version numbers I’ve started versioning the bundles separately. All ucstom now at version 02, except for the “Other Races” bundle which I’ve kept at version 01 for now. Post edited by ineth on October Ravenslight Member Posts: 1, October Thank you. Читать далее continues to icswind one of the biggest problems with portrait packs- inconsistency. I assembled my own collection and tried to use consistent cropping of custtom smaller versions, though less faithfully than you have.

If you want higher resolution versions of xownload, PM me. I’ve kept the originals. Aerakar Member Posts: Great job, thank icewind dale 2 custom portraits download Btw, I think the key porhraits having consistently cropped side-bar portraits, is to allow the image http://replace.me/28789.txt end up smaller than x pixels.

That may be the size that the built-in BMPs use, but they’re scaled down anyway in-game. So to downlkad a bit of safety buffer, I used 85x i. Of course, if the source image is large enough I allow the BMPs to be larger, up to the canonical x pixels. November Arius Member Posts: November edited November DanEl said:. BillyYank Member Posts: 2, Ariusthe problem with bringing over BG portraits is that they’re half the size of IWD portraits, so they tend to look blocky because they get scaled up when used in the game.

I prefer to keep this collection exclusively for IWD style portraits — i. I know this means I have to skip a lot of cool art I find, but I think it’s worth it to ensure consistency.

Btw, I have a separate thread for BG2 style portraits Which I should really update some time Продолжить Member Posts: 4, Awesome ссылка на продолжение, dude. Too bad there are no new portraits for half-orcs. December The user and all related content has been deleted. December edited December poftraits As far dosnload I know, portraits work the same way in all EE games: The portrait file names that end in L are used for the character record screen, and the ones that end in M for the side-bar.

Since I’m not able to downloaad full-body versions of the Baldur’s Gate NPCs myself, I have to rely on promo art and fan art, and I’ve been keeping a look-out for those, but so far I only have high-quality ones for a few of icewind dale 2 custom portraits download NPCs. I’ve actually already snuck in two BG companions in this collection right here: Icewind dale 2 custom portraits download left one is cropped downloar this official Beamdog promo art of Rasaad, and the right one from this fan-art depicting Jaheira.

Посетить страницу Member Posts: December porteaits November Post edited by lefreut on Узнать больше What an excellent job you did portfaits these pictures! Portarits edited April Added 36 страница portraits 25 Dwarves, 8 Cuustom, 3 Halflings. Didn’t get to the Half-orcs yet, sorry. Post edited by ineth on April August I can’t express how happy I am to find it.

Amazing collection! Too bad there are so few half-orc portraits, but icewind dale 2 custom portraits download doesn’t diminish the value of this pack. Nice work assembling it, dude. Sign In or Register to comment.

Real-world cultures and ethnicities Vikings, Black people. Portrait layouts. For each portrait, three files are included. Icewine card art by unknown. Manneo by Aleksey Iromonik Konyshev. Orc- Last stand ” by bayardwu. For Brainstorm ” by Showmeyourmoves.


Icewind Dale 2 Portraits – Sorcerer’s Place.[mod] Portraits from IWD2 — Beamdog Forums

For some of the portraits, I found the original source art from which they were made see here. Instead, use the soundsets I made using the Awesome Soundsets Mod. Browse all games. Home Help Search Login Register. A small face-focused portrait would be appreciated if possible. What is five minus two iecwind the full word? Some other notes – – The base Icewind Dale EE game does not play the custom soundsets, but plays the Icewind ‘standard’ soundsets – With no changes at all just selecting the custom set after importing the character – same as IWD baseIcewind dale 2 custom portraits download of Http://replace.me/6452.txt started playing the custom sets but по этой ссылке the ‘abcde’ subtitles Sorry to be a pain in ass over such a little thing.


Icewind dale 2 custom portraits download

The tp2 file tells the installation where all the files are located and how to install them to Icewind Dale EE. Go to topic listing.


Icewind dale 2 custom portraits download


Disable all ads! If you’d like to show your appreciation for our hard work on the site, and help us pay the bills the site generates every month, please consider helping support SP. Thank you! The cstom has cropped and edited these out of the comic book art Forggoten Realms series by Devil’s Xustomand various other icewind dale 2 custom portraits download. Mostly suitable for porrtraits and читать больше, with a few exceptions.

A small pack of portraits детальнее на этой странице the Voyager stars 3 male and 5 female portraits. BG2 versions also included. Three different portraits of Liriel and one of Fyodor, from the Daughter of the Drow trilogy book covers.

A collection of 16 more portraits from the Xena series. These are of various other characters, male and female, that also appear in the series.

A pack of 12 portraits of Xena in various different scenes and customes. The author also included читать статью original master pictures with the portraits. A set of 31 portraits close to being adult in nature but not quite there.

Mostly female. They were collected from various online sources. A collection of portraits, mostly created from various Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms pictures. Another icewind dale 2 custom portraits download http://replace.me/6632.txt portraits, продолжить чтение mostly created from various Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms pictures. Even more portaits, this time mainly portraits made from various fantasy art.

Even more portaits, this time mainly female portraits made from various fantasy art. A cownload collection of 34 portraits scanned from various Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms books, Planescape: Torment, Baldur’s Gate 2 and other sources. Sorcerer’s Cuetom is a project run entirely icewind dale 2 custom portraits download fans and for fans.