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Today, PC games have become an integral part of every gamer’s life. Thanks to the active development of the Internet, it has become very easy to download games via torrent to your computer, this process can take from a few minutes to a couple of hours. At the same time, everyone gets the desired game absolutely for free, without the need to go out of the house to the store to buy.

Torrent 5. We do not approve of cluttered sites, we always have order, so you can download the desired game in a matter of minutes. All the games presented have a separate page, inside which there is a link to a torrent file, a description, a video with the gameplay, real screenshots and system requirements.

In addition, there is an opportunity to find out the release date, see which games will be released in To begin with, the process of analyzing modern games takes place, the most popular one is taken, the news is made out and a unique description is written. Then we check the relevance of the game version so that it corresponds to the latest according to the developer. The game files for installation are packed into a small file weighing several kilobytes with the extension.

Popular games. God of War on PC in. New games. X-Plane 12 90 Gb. Developer: Laminar Research. X-Plane 12 is a state-of-the-art flight simulator in which gamers can enjoy flying civilian ships Developer: Petroglyph.

Arcade Tycoon: Simulation Mb. Developer: Squidpunch Studios. Arcade Tycoon: Simulation is a fascinating themed business simulation in which gamers go to the Starmancer Mb. Developer: Ominux Games. Starmancer is a sci-fi construction and at the same time life simulation in space, in which the Death Trash Mb.

Developer: Crafting Legends. Death Trash harmoniously combines a classic old-school role-playing video game with an interesting Morbid: The Seven Acolytes Mb. Developer: Still Running.

Viviette 30 Mb. Developer: DYA Games. Viviette is a challenging indie adventure game that is designed in a unique pixelated style with Carrion Mb. Developer: Phobia Game Studio. Carrion is a small indie project with classic pixel graphics and a characteristic atmosphere for Gods Will Be Watching Mb. Developer: Deconstructeam. Gods Will Be Watching is an indie adventure game with a sci-fi setting, the events of which unfold Blasphemous Mb.

Developer: The Game Kitchen. Blasphemous is an action-platformer with beautiful retro graphics and two-dimensional models that Intravenous Mb. Developer: Roman Glebenkov. Intravenous is an old-school shooter with beautiful pixel graphics stylized as retro hits of the My Village Life 4. Developer: Papucs Games.

My Village Life is an open virtual world simulator that attracts with nice low-polygon graphics. Expected Games. Sims 5 is the long-awaited sequel to the popular life simulator series, which is also its complete Developer: Crema. Temtem offers interesting multiplayer gameplay in a fabulous fantasy world, where you must collect Counter Fight 4 2 Gb. Counter Fight 4 will definitely appeal to all gamers who have available virtual reality glasses or Developer: Cyanide Studio.

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator is one of the most beautiful and realistic video games in the Developer: Awaken Realms Digital. Nemesis: Distress will appeal to science fiction and horror fans, as it inherits the famous Cthulhu: Books of Ancients 8 GB. Developer: SimFabric. Cthulhu: Books of Ancients is a video game in the genre of horror and adventure with a third—person The Day Before is a multiplayer video game in the genre of survival simulator and shooter with a Developer: Midnight Games.

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In Grand Theft Auto 5, you can do whatever you want, it’s an open world in which you can be a god! The developers of the game Rockstar Games did a great job, not in vain, since the game can be considered one of the most popular in the world. The content of the game for the passage will revolve around three bandits and murderers, who arrange a very brutal robbery and a series of murders of both police officers and other criminals. As the game progresses, you can switch between the three bandits, and play both from the third person and from the first.

You can do and go wherever you want, on foot, or by car, or even on a motorcycle, and while listening to music inside the cars, switching radio stations. Most of the tasks in the game will be built around car thefts and brutal robberies. Grand Theft Auto V has become the world’s most expensive production and advertising game. And not in vain, since GTA V became the best-selling game in the world in , it was second only to Tetris and minecraft.

There are also three different endings in the game, so you can play the game three times to see all the endings of this epic game. So we safely advise you download gta 5 , we have through torrent, and enjoy this masterpiece of the gaming industry. To fully explore the game world of GTA 5, you will have to play more than a dozen hours. Collectibles are scattered around the game world, which you should collect all, collecting these things, you will also go through side tasks, and receive a reward.

I downloaded the GTA 5 game via torrent. Downloaded very quickly. I just really love shooting games. A very interesting game with great graphics. I love games in the GTA series. It downloaded very quickly, there were no problems with the installation. Everything is super. Excellent graphics, downloaded the game GTA 5 via torrent, everything is very fast. Now I play and enjoy my favorite game.

Played GTA 5 on the “shaitan box”. Here, without options, this is Rockstar. And the developers, in turn, are a quality mark. Great storyline and well-choreographed dialogue and cutscenes.

Three stories at once, against one of the fourth part. The charismatic main characters, but also the minor ones, are pleasing to the eye. And most importantly, tons of cars and entertainment for every taste. Everything in the game is made at the highest quality level!!! Well, at least such chaos can be arranged only in the game. Briefly, the game can be described with the words: trash, lawlessness, danger, fun. Adrenaline is already off the scale of the game in GTA.

Well, the 5th series of this game is the apogee of all this outrage. I played all parts of the GTA and this is the second game that really lured me for a long time! As for the plot, then you will take a very long time. According to the schedule, the game is elegantly drawn, the developers have worked wonderfully.

A big plus is the game that you can play online. I also wanted to note that I do not have the most powerful laptop, but I managed to play on decent settings. I advise everyone! An interesting plot, three main characters, each has its own personality, its own character. The graphics of the game are very realistic, there are a lot of radio stations for every taste, which makes the gameplay very enjoyable, a large number of secondary missions.

I liked that the main robberies in the storyline, and before each robbery, you need to come up with a detailed plan of action, involving assistants in this.

Hi, My torrent file stuck at resource. I like this game very much this is very high graphics gme and most importsnt thing is that thr game is lagging: Shock Hey im having problems when i try to install, it says error code metadata.

At Beginning of the installation got the error, unarc. Try to search for a solution to the problem in Google, since the problem is on your side, on your computer. Repack worker. Bro can this work in intel core i3 and 4 gb ram the free of space is 82gb it will work on can we play online.

Men this game if the best! Save my name, email and website address in this browser for my subsequent comments. Skip to content. Torrent games » Action. Published: You can download GTA 5 torrent from us without registration So we safely advise you download gta 5 , we have through torrent, and enjoy this masterpiece of the gaming industry. Like this article? Share with friends:. Quite an interesting and addictive game, and most importantly there is no specific passage.

Bro is this offline or online. Nayeemuddin Surkhi. Nayeem Uddin. Bakala how do you download the game. Tatyana A. Very cool game.. Hey it is a best game gta 5. Udi bhawa. Buthugwashe maripe. Piratgamer author. Antivirus ate a pill, look at which antivirus killed these files. Ujjwal churasiya. What operating system do you have, and what bit is 32 or 64 bit?

Tres bon jeux. Mousom konwar. Nice: Mrgreen:: Lol Cool:. Jigar bhai. PatelJigar Bhai. Est ce qu’il contient le mode en ligne? Love beaucoup gta: Idea:. Ritesh game. Like Subscribe. Please follow me comment and like.

Huber Miasik. Gurmeet ram. GTA 5. Which version please. Parvej Ahmed Amit. I am very excited because my favorite game is download processing GTA V.

Jean noel. Installation software names? Related gta 5. I want to try this game for a long time and now is the time. Website map Contact Us.