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Download tape drives for backup exec 2010 r3

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Download tape drives for backup exec 2010 r3


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Following forum advice, I downloaded the trial copy and was able to restore what I needed. I have just been given another task to restore from the old tapes. Backupexec says the trial is expired and I cannot locate the license keys anywhere. The company that used to handle our IT tasks does not have the key. Veritas who now owns Backupexec cannot locate any info to help me get the keys.

What would happen if I uninstalled the software and reinstalled it? Can I access the tapes using another piece of hopefully free or inexpensive software?

Do I have any options for this situation? I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer. What about a fresh VM that you can snap and revert it back to fresh install every time?

And don’t forget to create a library of software and keys for later use ;. Hello, I would try removing and reinstalling the trial version.

Although at times that doesn’t work unless you are able to clean all traces of the previous trial version.

Nevertheless it’s worth a shot. It’s very doubtful that any other backup solution will be able to read the Backup Exec media. Perhaps a newer version of Backup Exec will be able to access the tapes. I’m surprised the Backup Exec guys didn’t try getting you to purchase an upgrade. If you can’t uninstall and reinstall, try building a new system using a spare computer or a virtual machine. That may help you get it installed again. This time, restore everything to new virtual machines and leave them turned off.

That way if you need to you can just open them up and retrieve the data. Brand Representative for StarWind. Last year I was tacked with recovering data from tape backups made with Backupexec R3. To redetect the devices, perform the following steps:. From the Devices tab, right-click the storage device to delete, and then select Properties.

Select the Configuration tab Figure 1. From the Devices tab, right-click the storage device to delete, and then select Delete. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each storage device to delete. Stop and restart all the Backup Exec services. From the Devices tab, right-click on the lowest child device under the changer these are the tape drives of the loader and select Properties. Select the Configuration tab. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for all other child devices. Note: The above steps will not work on slots, repeat the steps again for the loader itself.

All devices should now be disabled Figure 2 :.


Download tape drives for backup exec 2010 r3

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