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Brigada Eskwela Steering and working Committee. Minutes of the PTA Meeting. Action Plan in Edukasyon Sa Pagpapakatao Sample-master Teacher Plan. Designation Letters sample.

Instructional Supervisory Plan Filipino – Filipino. Action Plan in Reading. Battle Realms – World Master. CAreer motivation. Cover Page. Table of Contents. Flash Cards Nos2. Flash Cards Nos. Part 2 Ipcrf. Ipcrf Summary Part 3 and 4. Radio Wave. Rebelion as a Means to Achieve the m. Edward Munch. Rockmars Chords. Organizational Development Change. Case Study Book. ACE CH2. Event Planning. Evolution of Management Thought. Leadership Models.

Literature Review – Diversity and Work. Matthew Resume. HPCAC report response. Project Management – Wikipedia. Bell curve. Personal Definition of Leadership. Industry Profile Management Inventory. Yateen Gharat Profile. Basic Management Functions. Geronimo: Leadership Strategies of an American Warrior. How to Get Ideas.

Emotional Intelligence 2. Strategic Maintenance Planning. How the Mighty Fall. Employee achievement and contribution to the organization are of marked excelence. Performance exceeded expectations. All goals, objectives and targets were achieved above the established 4 Very Satisfactory standards. Performance met expectation in terms of quality of work, efficiency and timeliness. The most critical annual 3 Satisfactory goals are met.

Significant improvement is needed in one or more important areas. In shall fall within the following adjectival ratings and shall evaluating the individual’s demonstration of competencies, this rating be in three 3 decimal points. Grievances and Appeals 1. A grievance Committee shall be created in each level of the The ratee, however, shall not be allowed to protest the performance ratings of co-employees. The office performance assessment as discussed in the performance 4. The Grievance Committee shall decide on the appeals within one 1 month from receipt.

For example, the decision of the Division Grievance discussed and decided during the performance review conference. Committee is appealable to the Regional Grievance Committee, which decision is in turn appealable to the Central Office Grievance Committee.

Individual employees who feel aggrieved or dissatified with their final performance ratings can file an appeal with the Grievance Committee at their level within ten 10 working days from date of receipt of notice of 5. The decision of the Central Office Grievance Committee is final. Undertakes personal actions and behaviors that are clear and purposive and takes Promotes collaboration and removes barriers to teamwork and goal accomplishment into account personal goals and values congruent to that of the organization.

Displays emotional maturity and enthusiasm for and is challenged by higher goals. Applies negotiation principles in arriving at win-win agreements. Prioritize work tasks and schedules through grant chart, checklists, etc. Works constructively and collaboratively with others and across organizations to Sets high quality, challenging, realistic goals for self and other.

Professionalism and Ethics Service Orientation Demonstrates the values and behavior enshrined in the Norms of Conduct and Can explain and articulate organizational directions, issues and problems. Ethical Standards for public officials and employees RA Initiates activities that promotes advocacy for men and women empowerment. Maintains a professional image: being trustwothy, regularity of attendance and Participates in updating of office vision, mission, mandates and strategies based on punctuality, good grooming and communication.

DepEd Strategies and directions. Makes personal sacrifices to meet the organization’s needs. Develops and adopts service improvement programs through simplified procedures Acts with a sense of urgency and responsibility to meet the organization’s needs, that will further enhance service delivery. Result Focus Innovation Achieves results with optimal use of time and resources most of the time.

Examines the root cause of problems and suggests effective solution. Delivers error-free outputs most of the time by conforming to standard operating Demonstrates an ability to think “beyond the box”. Continuously focuses on improving procedures correctly and consitently. Able to produce very satisfactory quality of work personal productivity to create higher value and results. Promotes a creative climate and inspires co-workers to develop original ideas or Expresses a desire to do better and may express frustration at waste or inefficiency.

May focus on new or more precise ways of meeting goals set. Translates creative thinking into tangible changes and solutions that improve the work Makes specific changes in the system or in own work method to improve performance.

Examples may include doing something better, faster, at a lower cost, more efficiently; Uses ingenious methods to accomplish responsibilities. Demonstrates resourcefulness or improving quality, customer satisfaction, marale, without setting any specific goal.

Expresses self clearly, fluently and articulately. Uses appropriate medium for the message. Adjust communication style to others. Guides discussions between and among peers to meet an objective. Memos, minutes, etc. Secures information from required references i. Self- edits words, numbers, phonetic notation and content, if necessary. Printers, modems, multimedia projectors, etc.

Prepares simple presentation using Powerpoint. Utilizes technologies to: access information to enhance professional productivity, assists in conducting research and communicate through local and global professional networks. Recommends appropriate and updated technology to enhance productivity and professional practice. Superior Signature Signature. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd?



DEPED Opcrf (Principals, HTS) | PDF | Competence (Human Resources) | Goal.UM-REF. NO. , S. OFFICIAL OPCRF OF SCHOOL HEADS FOR SY | Deped Makati City

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Program Rural Entrepreneurship. The office performance assessment as discussed in the performance review and evaluation phase shall be final and not appealable. Embed Size px.