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Hp image assistant download windows 10 1909 – hp image assistant download windows 10 1909

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HP Image Assistant not saving downloads


I just ran hp image assistant v 5. The information included in the image is correct for the Target version of Windows running on the machine,.

Checking your Software and Drivers list, there are very few “new” drivers dated this year, Perhaps the updates have slowed down enough for your older system that you can easily manage the updates manually. HPIA is an imperfect software – perhaps more robust than its consumer grade counterpart HP Support Assistant , but not perfect and prone to occasional issues.

For now, at least, use whatever works for your situation. Thank you for participating in the HP Community. Our Community is comprised of volunteers – people who own and use HP devices. Logic says not — that said, I don’t find an archived copy of previous compatibility or configuration data.

Hello thanks for the info version 5. If an agent has any questions, you will hear back here before the agent uses other means to contact you. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Ask the community. Community Home. Need Windows 11 help? Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes. Windows 11 Support Center.

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Hp image assistant download windows 10 1909 – hp image assistant download windows 10 1909

Select a link below to download a driver pack for Microsoft OSes bit. Provides new command line switches for automation. HPIA can then utilize these repositories during image deployment tasks or for normal driver updates, potentially eliminating the need to install driverpacks, or as a supplement to make sure any drivers installed during driverpack injection are up to date during the imaging steps. Older versions of HPIA work the newest does not. If there is a user logged on, additional notifications and information is presented to the user, as well as a delayed restart.


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However, it can also analyze and take action from a local Reference File scripting support added in version 5. With a properly modified reference file, HPIA would be able to use it to analyze and update a system based on specific needs.

The script described in this blog is available from Github. Note that this is not an official support method for customizing Reference Files.

Use at your own risk. The XML formatted reference file contains a section with information about a device and specific OS version list of Softpaqs. With proper knowledge the section could be changed to list different versions of Softpaqs. This and other supporting sections in the file get updated daily and downloaded every time HPIA is executed. NOTE: current platform Reference Files tend to contain more information than Reference files for systems no longer in production.

However, because the number of Softpaqs versions increase over time as new updates are released, the overall size of these files will tend to grow for older systems – more versions of Softpaqs mean more information added to the file.

The script we will be discussing is designed to provide a means for an IT Administrator to modify the file in such a way as to allow control of what versions of Softpaqs are available to analyze against. The File is cached to a local caching folder. The script then makes a copy to the scripts’ current folder for modifications. If the -ReferenceFile argument is used, the script creates a cache folder in the script’s current directory and then makes a copy for modification.

Set-ReferenceFileSoftpaq is a PS script developed around the idea that a current, suggested Softpaq can be replaced with a previous version in the section HPIA finds the recommended current list.

Only previously supported versions of the same type can be used with the script to make sure an older version was approved at some point in time. That ensures that only tested Softpaqs are recommended and installed. The question then is: how can I readily find all supported versions of a latest Softpaq? Find all current, relevant Softpaqs by category:.

NOTE: This particular platform shows three SystemIDs due to the fact that some components requiring motherboard updates were implemented to manage problems associated with the pandemic and supply chain. In the vast majority of HP business class endpoints, each system has a single platform ID. With this information, we can find the Softpaq we want to remove from the Reference File and replace it with a previous version.

NOTE: this tool will only replace the existing listed Softpaq with some previous version. It will not be able to just remove it from being listed. How to replace a Softpaq with a previous version. If all we want is just the previous version, we can let the script find it and make the change. From the results shown above, we see the Intel WLAN driver is Softpaq sp, so we can run the command as follows:. At this point, the current Reference File is downloaded and cached, and a copy is made.

Then, this copy is used to modify and replace the suggested Softpaq with whatever the previous version it superseded. If this was the first supported version of the Softpaq, then no changes would be made. Here we reuse the Reference File already available, and we let the script determine which Softpaq the current version superseded and make it the current version.

How to replace a Softpaq with an older version. If the Softpaq to be replaced needs to be an older version, then the -ToSoftpaq options can be used to specific which specific one to use.

Here we use the -ReferenceFile option to use an existing copy of the file. This example shows replacing an Nvidia Softpaq sp — v The option -ListSuperseded can be used to find the previous versions of a particular Softpaq. So, to find the list of WLAN drivers available for this platform, the following will show all tested versions. An alternative search for a Softpaq by its name is to use -listByCategory and pipe the command to a where cmdlet:. Find Softpaqs that do not supersede any other.

HP Image Assistant use of local reference files. When scripting HPIA, the ability to analyze a system with a local reference file — one not being downloaded from HP — was added to version 5. HP Image Assistant is often used in on-prem environments with an offline inside the infrastructure repository. During configuration and management of a repository, Softpaqs associated with the platforms and OS versions configured in the folder are downloaded, along their CVA initialization files.

The CVA files contain information HPIA uses to match the system being analyzed and to find out how to install the component silently, among other information.

Therefore, it is imperative that those Softpaqs be downloaded manually to the repository and an Invoke-RepositoryCleanup not be done, which would remove them from the folder. The script then makes a copy to the scripts’ current folder for modifications If the -ReferenceFile argument is used, the script creates a cache folder in the script’s current directory and then makes a copy for modification.