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Download the official Windows 10 Installer – Version The distribution is the original MSDN image. Display monitor – x You can purchase official activation keys for Windows 10 of various versions in our catalog. Instant delivery of the goods to your Email in automatic mode. Read more. Tags: Download , Windows Email linkedin VK. In October , a major update of Windows 11 was released under the number 22H2, you can download the official installer on our website right now!

You can purchase product licens In this article, we will look at step-by-step instructions for installing Windows Server The first thing you need to do is download the ISO imag You can download You can also purchase product license keys for various editions Language: En This release is the very first version of Windows 10, which was officially released o In our catalog you can download the official installer of Windows 10 – 20H1 for free via direct links.

The composition of versions in th Language: English – Download x64 2. In this article, we will look at the process of installing and activating Microsoft Office Standard. First you need to download the installer Download Windows 10 – Version This installer is an official MSDN image. Language: English. Catalog Menu. Windows Windows 11 Windows 10 Windows 8.




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This is done the day before the procedure to help the cervix dilate slowly. Thirddegree heart block is always an indication for permanent pacemaker placement. Tests to diagnose biliary atresia include Abdominal xray Abdominal ultrasound Blood tests to check total and direct bilirubin levels Hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid HIDA scan also called cholescintigraphy to help determine whether the bile ducts and gallbladder are working properly Liver biopsy to determine the severity of cirrhosis or to rule out other causes of jaundice Xray of the bile ducts cholangiogram Treatment An operation called the Kasai procedure is done to connect the liver to the small intestine going around the abnormal ducts.

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A decline in the extracellular circu lating volume results in a decreased GFR and a reduction in sodium excretion. Setup by Website Sekolah Gratis. Login Member. Username : Password :. Kontak Kami. Hasanuddin No. Jajak Pendapat. Status Member. Hamriadi, S. Guru 4 3. Guru 4 2. Guru Assalamualaikum , Guru Assalamualaikum Warohmatullah,.. Muhammad Yunus, S. Ag, M. Guru bingung, Guru pusing lagi,.. Nurhikmah, S. Guru mulai terlupakan. Guru tetap semangat aja yaaa. Asdar, S. Guru lagi belajar TIK :.

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International Immunopharmacology, 1, E-mail Id: tourismsuhas gmail. It adds a generous dose of thrill and adventure infused with the travel and tour program. With the administering of a carefully designed Survey Instrument-A Questionnaire with multiple choice questions to generate responses from travellers and tourists, this research explores the extent of the exalted expectations and satisfaction of backpackers at Tarkarli situated in the Sindhu durg district of Maharashtra well known for its white sandy beaches and adrenalin rushing aqua sports.

The white sand, clear blue sea and the suru trees add to the splendour of the beaches and of course the breath-taking and scenic backwaters of Karli river. The seabed at Tarkarli is absolutely crystal clear and can be seen up to a depth of 15 feet on any bright sunny day.

This study also considered the affordability, value and quality of service offered by the service providers towards a memorable and unique experience. The interpretation and analysis of data for arriving at outcomes and inferences [Results] clearly indicate the backpackers’ set of expectations and perceptions to be in sync and at times more than expectations- leading to the WoW factor.

The researcher has also analysed that the Backpackers have a specific behaviour pattern when travelling towards these preferred destinations. The drivers for their motivation could be very distinct when compared to other types of travellers and tourists. Our tourism sector which has been referred to as the sunrise industry, and if not for the current pandemic situation, it would have made significant strides in accelerating the economy at global levels.

These backpackers are a segment who seek cost effective options for their travel and stay to these tourist destinations and often indulge in selecting home stays and hostel types of accommodation. The Host and Guest culture here also an ideal mix and match for community-based engagement activities for thriving for the local population.

It offers a unique blend of win-win situation and sustainable growth and development for both the stakeholders. The Conclusion endorses the 5 characteristics defining a Backpacker Pearce : 1. Preference for budget accommodation 2. Emphasis on meeting other travellers 3. Independently organized and flexible travel schedule 4. Popularly referred to as the Queen of beaches, Tarkarli is a village located in the Malvan taluka in Sindhudurg district in Southern Maharashtra.

Tarkarlihas become an all-season favourite having serene white sand beaches, tranquil backwaters, lush greenery, mesmerising nature with ample attractions like the traditional markets, architecturally marvellous temples, majestic forts in the nearby rustic villages and the cityside. Additional features like the highly rewarding – snorkelling, friendly dolphins and the underwater sports activity of scuba diving have brought in additional charm to the visitors, backpackers and holidaymakers.

Tarkarli is a perfect sojourn to freak out for a weekend and for scrambling away from the maddening rush of the bigger cities and the best part is they have interesting offers to suit every pocket and budget.

Scuba Diving is an uptick recreational activity enjoyed by most of the travellers and more so for the backpackers, as it is affordable and perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity closer home. Hypothesis H0: The 5 elements i. H0: Tourism does not impact the local population in and around Tarkarli. H1: Tourism positively impacts the local population in and around Tarkarli. The study is based on the data collected from both primary and secondary sources.

Data Collection Primary Data was collected through telephonic interviews, virtual meetings and online surveys. Random sampling method has been used for selecting respondents. The population was segmented into backpacking tourists and locals. Secondary Data has been collected through District Census Hand Book, Sandarbha Maharashtra, District Gazetteer, published and unpublished materials, travel books, newspapers, periodicals, etc. Different statistical methods and cartographic techniques are used wherever necessary.

Tools of Data Analysis 1 Quantitative 1. Questionnaire has been designed and distributed using Google Forms. Questions included in the survey were semi structured. The Questionnaire consisted of Likert rating scale type questions, multiple choice questions as well as few open- ended questions.

Tourists, local people, tourist guide and tourism related authorities were also interviewed on phone. Observations by researcher based on the activity undertaken. Tourist feedback. Observation of insights offered by other stakeholders Components of Research Design 1 Sampling Design Universe of the Study: The universe selected to carry out the research paper is Tarkarli and adjoining areas. Target Population: The target population for this research paper are the domestic and international backpacking tourists, locals and government agencies and other stakeholders associated with Tarkarli Sample Size: A Sample of 70 respondents was collected to put data analysis in place.

Demographics describe the composition and development of human population. The dimensions which are taken into consideration include age – groups, gender, marital status, and occupational characteristics. Age Group Figure1. Age Group Table 1. Gender Figure 2. Gender Table 2. Marital Status Figure 3. Occupation Figure4. Occupation Table 4. Profiling Backpacking Tourists based on their visit to Tarkarli For tourism to thrive, profiling a tourist is very essential.

This section considers dimensions like purpose of visit, frequency of visit and travel companion of the tourist to further understand the tourist profile. Purpose of Visit Figure 5. Purpose of Visit For the purpose of the study, tourism is examined from different tourist products, supply and the labour market.

The development of tourist demand is above all factors relevant to the tourism industry, destinations and marketers. The study considers 5 core dimensions to understand the purpose of visit Nature, Adventure, Relaxation, Business and Education. Table 5. Frequency of Visit Figure 6.

Frequency of Visit Frequency of tourists helps to understand a number of tourists visited to Tarkarli. It shows the popularity of this destination. It has been divided into 7 major categories as stated in the pie diagram above.

Table 6. Travel Companion Figure 7. Travel Companion While visiting Tarkarli accompanying members helps to study the nature of tourist complimentarily. The study considers 5 dimensions-friends, family, business, solo and other. Table 7. Analysing the Tourist Opinion Survey Every tourist carries forth experiences from their visit based on different factors. This study looks at the 5 As of Tourism to understand what and how these factors impact tourist opinion and experience.

The questions in this opinion survey are on a 4 point Likert scale from Excellent to Unsatisfactory. Both quantitative and qualitative data have been considered here. Accessibility Accessibility plays main role in the development of tourism industry.

Various modes of transportation are essential for reaching the tourist at destinations desired. The study looks at preferred mode of transportation as well as the tourist experience during the journey to and from Tarkarli.

Figure 8. Mode of transport preferred by tourists Figure 8. Mode of transport preferred by tourists Table 8. Tourist Experience in the journey to and from Tarkarli Figure 8. Tourist Experience in the journey to and from Tarkarli Table 8. Accommodation Accommodation is a necessary component in the development of tourism industry within any destination.

It plays an important role in the overall economic contribution which tourism makes at a local and national level. An accommodation facility attracts large number of tourist at the Destinations. The study analyses tourist view about the accommodation facilities, their experience and suggestions for future tourists. Table 9. Tourist Experience during the stay Figure 9. Preferences of tourist destinations mainly depend on attractions, activities, amenities, cleanliness and services.

Attractions Figure Table Activities Amenities In the study an attempt has been made to understand the attitude of the tourists regarding various available amenities. Type of Amenities The amenities were classified as excellent, good, satisfactory and unsatisfactory. Tourist views about the amenities are noted in percentage and represented with appropriate statistical diagrams.

Overall Experience To understand the overall satisfaction and delight index of the tourists, the study captures the essence of the tourist experience at Tarkarli. While the different factors give a fair idea about the same, overall experience gives a broad overview of level of delight.

Overall Experience Table Attractions has scored the highest rank as per tourist experience. Survey of Locals of residing near and around Tarkarli Demographic Profile of the Locals Understanding Demographics of the locals gives a basic idea about their composition. Dimensions considered here are age- groups, gender, marital status, and occupational characteristics. Gender Figure Gender Table Marital Status Figure Marital Status Table Occupation Figure Agency 6 20 Local Guide 14 Impact of Tourism on Locals While tourism is all about tourist experience, it also has a great impact on the local population.

The study considers 7 such factors to understand whether or not tourism has brought in a positive impact. All 30 respondents strongly agree that all the mentioned dimensions have been positively impacted by tourism.

Majority respondents i. While majority responses were from 11 responses Relaxation has the highest number of responses, i. In frequency of visits, second visit has the highest number of responses i. Majority respondents were solo traellers with 13 responses Opinion survey on the 5 elements of Tourism showed that all tourists very highly satisfied, with responses ranging between excellent and good, on a 4 point rating scale.

This study gives a broad outline of the tourist experiences as well as impact of tourism. The researcher endeavors to highlight the significance of the various measures and activities undertaken to boost tourist potential at Tarkarli. Limitations of the Study Some of the limitations of the research study are as follows: 1. Analysis: is done on the basis of information collected from a small number of people. Access and Accommodation are the two crucial elements of tourism.

Tarkarli is well connected by road and rail. Tourists coming from other districts and states can easily reach in the district. The study of preference of tourist to tourism in Tarkarli helps to understand the popularity of destination. It is observed that view of tourists tends to good and satisfactory on large scale about the Attractions, Activities, Access, Accommodation and Amenities besides the Attitude of the local host population.

Positive Socio-Cultural impacts are observed, increase in density of population, improved in the standard of living, change in occupational structure, role of MTDC, active participation of local social organizations, change in value, norms and customs etc. Positive Physical Impacts relate with overcrowding and congestion, strain on public utility services and recreational facilities, quality of sewage and garbage disposal, need of separate parking spaces.

Researcher opines that certain suggestions and recommendations offered are based on Research and interactions during the study will help for the development of tourism of Tarkarli. Conclusion There was progressive historical growth in the travel and tourism industry which came to a grinding halt from amid the global Covid pandemic.

With airplanes on the ground, hotels closed and travel restrictions implemented, travel and tourism became one of the most affected sectors since the very start of the corona virus spread.

It has seriously impacted international tourist arrivals to our country. Locals are being trained as Guides and NGOs will be encouraged to bring fort and heritage lovers here. The locals are being further encouraged to participate in tourism – related activities under certain schemes. Albattat, A. Amer, H. Julien Petit, Backpackers 5 characteristics, WikiTrip. Thesis, Auckland University of Technology. Prakash Monika, Chowdhary Nimit , What are we training tour guides for?

India , Turizam, Volume 14, Issue 2. Padikula Jessica Expectations vs. E-mail Id: pinkie. These plants belong to Angiosperm taxonomy, from Annonceae to graminae families. The medicinal property in the underutilized and utilized fruits have a traditional knowledge from past eras.

The chapter summarizes the different qualities and phytocompounds present in medicinal food for healthy living. Aim of the study: The aim of the study is to list out useful medicinal plants used as food and how it act to cure diseases. To access the literature to understand the medicinal application of medicinal food. Also to point out the different phytocompounds present in the indigenous plants.

Methodology: The study uses literature search from different websites like Scopus, web of science and Google scholar indexed papers. These databases can provide recent developments and new knowledge on medicinal foods. Data collection: The chapter data were collected from the different journals and website related matter. Prime focus was given to Scopus, Web of science and Google scholar indexed data for the medicinal food.

The journal reports clearly stated the recent advancement and up to date knowledge on traditional importance of each underutilized plants. The plant selected like Dioscorea, Zingiberofficinale, Curcuma longa, Ipomoeabatatas, Atrocarpusheterophyllus, Alocasia, Colocasia and Amorphophallus titanium. These plants are underutilized and have got medicinal significance.

Significance of study: This study emphasises proper cataloguing of plants with good medicinal property and also exploring underutilised ones. It can provide a clear cut views of medicinal plants used as food among people of India.

Introduction Good health is a challenge of modern day living as the current civilization is plagued with several degenerative lifestyle diseases. With rapidly changing global health scenario and fast realization of all the ill effects of uncontrolled food processing and over medication. In this point the plant products have gained the well-deserved attention. Pharmaceutical industry are promoting food based medicinal products for the human health.

The pandemic diseases prevalent in the country has become a forefront matter to provide a scientific formulation to boost the immunity.

The traditional concept of treating diseases are now a days working as a practical point. Food components will potential property can improve the general well-being and reduce the risk of developing the illness to some extent. Functional food termed like medifood, pharmafood and vita food are consumed by all age groups Krupa, Medicinal food are recognised to be a traditional medicine as well as ethanomedicine, among the tribal people of the country Rivera et al.

According to the ancient manuscript, the food habit play a vital role in their life. In those old days, people needed to cultivate their own food for their daily needs but nowadays when it comes to farming people see it as a humiliating job.

The diet of the ancient people contains sufficient amount of fibre, minerals and other nutrients which helped them in building up their immunity. India is a country which is very popular for its availability of spices.

Kerala is popularly known as the spice garden of India, as it is famous for its production of pepper, vanilla, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric. These spices not only enhances the taste of the food it also has many medicinal value that can cure many diseases. There are over phytochemicals derived from plant , g of fruits and vegetables may have more than phytoconstituents Srividhya et al.

Healthy diet help in preventing from communicable diseases, the borderline between food and medicine are quiet demanding. The metabolites interfere with the tissues in body that faces aberration and in a situation of cell death.

Functional phytocompounds act on targeted site and prevent it from degrading and rejuvenate the healthy nature of cell. The chapter highlights the different medicinal food like Dioscorea, Zingiberofficinale, Curcuma longa, Ipomoeabatatas, Atrocarpushetero- phyllus, Alocasia, Colocasia and Amorphophallus titanium.

The core idea is to get an idea on the medicinal and therapeutic potentialities of these plant. The phytocompounds present in the plant make it ideal to be utilized in daily living lifestyle. These phytocompounds can increase the immunity and help body in functioning effectively. Review of Literature Medicinal food have pharmaceutical importance and also have high potency than normal food diet. A medicinal food can be considered as a common position between traditional foods and pharmaceuticals.

Many literature reviews are observed stating the importance of medicinal food Mohanraj and Sivasankar, reported that Ipomoea batatas L. Lam has medicinal property like anticancer, antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory activity. The plant with underground modifications are reservoir of metabolites that can increase the human vital functions.

These nutraceuticals are health promoting molecules that are found in fruits and vegetables Bernal et al. Nutrient deficiency and toxicity from an unhealthy food are due to the modern lifestyles.

The expanding field of nutri diets can cure diseases and supplement daily needs for gaining immunity and establish health. Similarly, the royal jelly sugar obtained from Apies also have potent property like fatty acids and protein.

These jellies have good antioxidant activity due to the presence of phenolics and flavonoids. These geniality make it ideal for medicinal consumption and its potency to compact diseases Kolayli et al. Many herbs are considered as a food and its medicinal benefit are underexploring. They contain pharmacologically important phytochemical that have different action on unhealthy body cells. Research has proved a relationship between functional components of food, health and well-being.

These functional components can be effectively applied in the treatment and prevention of diseases. The functional ingredients like non-starchy carbohydrates, dietary fibres, and antioxidant including phytosterol, tocopherols, isoflavones, plant sterols and phytoestrogen occur in plant food especially in whole grains, fruits and vegetables Abuajah et al.

The medicinal plants find application in pharmaceutical cosmetic, agriculture and food industry. Ginger is a medicinal plant that has been widely used in Chinese, Ayurvedic and Unani herbal medicines all over the world and has a long history of use in traditional system Mishra et al. Medicinal food in the form of spices are used in many dishes and they stimulate immune system.

Traditionally they are used in preparation of medicine especially for detoxifying agent and also for wound healing.

They contain Zingiberene, the terpenoid and 6-gingerol with stomachic medication property Rehman et al. Nutrient deficiencies are a major global health problem affecting low income countries.

Deficiencies have been pegged to lack of access to nutrient rich food such as fruits, vegetables, animal products and fortified foods partially due to their being expensive or are locally available Away et al. Ipomeabatatas Sweet potato are locally available tuber that have high quantity of macro and micro minerals. The Flax seeds supplement in diet revealed potential health benefit like cardiovascular risk and other metabolic disorder.

The additional benefit make it as a nutraceutical and protective with therapeutic medicinal food Katare et al. This functional food have nutritive composition that can prevent diseases and provide health beneficial component. Many national and international level studies and research were conducted on medicinal foods. All attained a clear understanding of recent development areas in medicinal field and usage of these plants in daily life.

To study the common underutilized plants and analyse its health benefits to improve the immunity against dreadful diseases. Methodology The study uses literature search from different websites like Scopus, web of science and Google scholar indexed papers. Data Collection Collection of required information for the preparation of the chapter was done mainly by literature search. Recent paper article from were considered for the study.

The chapter data were collected from the different journals and website related matter. Many tribal across the country are utilising indigenous plants for life supporting purposes. Some of the plants that is considered to be having medicinal values are: Dioscorea, a monocotyledonous flowering plants. About species has been identified in 9 genera.

It belongs to the family Dioscoreaceae and widely known as True yams. Ayurvedic journal. Now a days, Dioscorea is being endangered because of its vast usage in the medical field, over-use by local people. The main place for growth isfot and moist condition with mean temperature of C. The planting time is May-June. Dioscorea is a tuberous plant with many medicinal value. Its widely used by many of the people to treat diverse diseases.

It has been used to lower glycemic index, therefore it provides protection against diabetics and obesity Dutta, Zingiberofficinale, anunderground creeping root stalk is a plant which is well-known from the ancient times for its spice, flavor and medicinal property. It belongs to the family Zingiberaceae and it is believed to have originated from the Indian sub- continent Mao et al. Mainly, it is cultivated in places with warm and moist conditions.

Ginger is an important ingredient in many of the Indian cuisines as it act as an antacid against digestive problems and also shows potent anti-inflammatory activities Shukla and Singh, Ginger is used for many types of diseases like diabetes, vomiting, headache, menstarl cramp, diarrhoea and so on but there is no scientifically proven evidences for this Ali et al. Curcuma longa, one of the Zingiberaceae family member exit as rhizome acting as propagule.

It is usually golden yellow in colour and was named after the Latin word terra merita meritorious earth. Its origin was mainly from south-east Asia, grows in places with heavy rainfall but sunlight is also a major factor. Turmeric is a traditional plant that was used widely by our ancestors for various purposes. One of the main method was mixing turmeric powder with milk. It also exhibit many other properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant Vaughn et al.

For the ancient people the best cosmetic that they get from the nature was turmeric. In the southern part of India turmeric is used for performing rituals. There are also many wound healing products including Centellaasiatica, Curcuma longa, and Paeonia- suffruticosa which are used by several cultures and ethnic groups Shedoeva et al. Ipomoea batatas, a starch containing tuberous root which is called sweet potato.

India is a country with large varieties of crops but sweet potato was not known. It was considered as a local food among the people Mwanga et al. It belongs to the family Convolvulaceae. It is a one of the most important food of the tribes.

The rich source of starch make it ideal for consumption and increased protein content make it an acceptable medicinal food. The polysaccharide like starch are used in the preparation of many value added products for tribal consumption. Every parts has its own medicinal properties including its leafs, which contain many vitamins, fibre, and minerals like iron, selenium, and calcium that helps in anti-oxidation, to treat rashes, anti-inflammation Islam, The evidence of an overlap between food and medicinal uses of some plants may reflect a food-medicine continuum.

Biological and cultural infers that these relation exist in the human medicinal systems. Ethanobotanical investigation had provided such relationship, which highlights the essentiality of medicinal plants for consumption level Junior et al.

Medicinal and food plants are integral part of changing culture of people. Regional wise preservation of rich heritage of using medicine and food is still a understanding area. Traditional usage of plants as food and medicine are critically analysed by different reports in eminent journals. Figure 1 shows the overall core distribution of plant used as medicinal food.

Raw vegetables with Families showing plants used as medicinal food Research showed that dietary habits influence disease risk. While certain food may trigger health conditions, others offer strong medicinal and protective qualities.

Nutritious food including vegetables, fruits, beans and grains have beneficial compounds that act as antioxidant. These antioxidant molecules are specifically polyphenols that can lower the rate of depression, diabetes, dementia and heart diseases. Both antioxidant and fiber rich diet can eliminate toxic compounds from the intestinal gut areas.

High fiber food can boost the immune system by making the more antibodies effectively Colbin, Plants have been always used as medicine by mankind to treat health-threatening diseases to obtain new drug candidate, as it is the oldest medical practice for humans Fig. The use of botanical natural health products are on the increase all over the world. The edible fruit including leafs and bark have been extensively used in traditional medicine as antimicrobial, wound healing, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and hypoglycemic functions.

When compared to other tropical fruits, jackfruit flesh and seed contain more protein, calcium, iron and Thiamine content Swami et al.

The use of jackfruit bulbs and its part has also been reported since ancient times for their therapeutic quality. Studies from previous literature showed that jackfruit contain many class of phytochemicals such as carotenoids, flavonoids, volatile acids and tannin with varying concentration.

Nutrtional and health benefits are enormous and these biochemical composition make it a medicinal fruit. At present, there is a growing consumer demand for the wholesome, nutritional and conventional food product.

Value added products are deriving with good potentially in both local and international level. The modified atmospheric packaging system render help in providing low storage temperature that can successfully extend the shelflife of medicinal fruits Saxena et al. Amorphophallus titanium is a rare plant, belongs to the Arum family which is widely known for its largest unbranched inflorescence Iwashina et al.

It is edible and also use for treating diarrhea, swelling. Thespathe and spadix appendix of the species are dark purple and their anthocyanins have been reported to be cyaniding 3-Oglucoside, peonidin and pelargonidin.

Flavonoid and quercetin were isolated by Sharstry et al. The edible underground part is used in Asia for centuries and consumed in different forms. Elephant ears are group of perennial plant belong to the family Araceae. As the name implies it is grown for its heart shaped, big leaves. Rashmi et al. Colocasia Colacasiaesculenta also called taro. It is an edible tuberous plant used traditionally for medicinal purpose and also well known as an ornamental.

The phytochemicals in the plant has many healing properties like antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial Sharma et al. Alocasia Alocasiamacrorrhiza also called giant taro is mostly famous as an ornamental than its edible property. Its stem contain very large amount of starch which is a great source of nutrition. It causes skin irritation, the calcium oxalate crystal present at the edge creates irritation and it is also really harmful to the animals.

Its juice can be used against cough and also as laxative against constipation Sujarwo et al. The plants used by people are limiting and their functional importance are still lacking among common people.

The plants like Dioscorea, Zingiberofficinale, Curcuma longa, Ipomoeabatatas, Atrocarpusheterophyllus, Alocasia, Colocasia and Amorphophallus titanium have good phytocompounds that can be functional if the people explore is natural significance. Functional components in food will play an important role in maintenance in the future as a result of their medicinal properties.

Table 1 shows the different bioactive compounds present in different plant source and their related potential benefit. Table 1. Five citrus flavonoid like naringin, hesperidin, neohesperidin, sinensetin and nobiletin are present with good vitamin C source Lu et al.

Majority of the bioactive compounds have antioxidant property that can prevent the formation of different types of cancer. Thus, the chapter emphasised on the bioactive potential of both underutilized medicinal food and also daily used crops.

Importance should be mentored for different crop varieties and each food have its own potentialities. Conclusion Medicinal foods have been integrated in the cultural and habitual dietary pattern of population existing in the world. Research has given an elaborate reports on the nutrition of plant based compounds that can prevent chronic diseases. These typical food may provide different benefits that can be identified as a promising field to boost nutritional science to the forefront of preventive medicines.

The use of medicinal food plant as a dietary adjuncts will be a promising combinational approach that can be administered safely to the patient suffering from diseases. The medicinal food are to be made aware to the local and regional level, thereby the demand for natural medicine can be gained.

People are not aware about the natural medicine that can act as antibiotics and boost the immunity. This chapter will provide a knowhow on the different medicinal food that are supplemented in daily life for the sustainable living. Exploitation of underutilized medicinal food is necessary, as they contain many nutritional profile that can help in curing diseases.

Limitations of study Tribal knowledge and their ideas need to be included so that a new scientific outcome can be expected. In this study many immune booster plants are included and further research work need to be conducted to prove its efficacy.

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Epub May PMID: Wachtel-Galor, S. Lester Packer, Ph. Subir Kumar Malakar1, Mr. Subrata Pal1, Mr. Abhishek Roy2, Mr. E-mail Id: tosubir gmail. Now, those tourism includes food tourism also. This trend has helped in the growth of local food tourism and contributed to the socio-economic development of the locals and branding of the destination.

Culture, heritage, customs, religion, and rituals are integral part of the Indian society and food has an important role to distinguish culture to culture and people to people, and hence attracting a lot of tourists towards the local food and contributing significantly to their economic growth not only for the food sellers but the entire supply chain and all the stakeholders.

In this paper, the researchers have tried to highlight and provided an understanding of the local food in growth and development of tourism and its role in local economic development and its potential for country branding. The data was collected and thoroughly analysed based on review of literature collected in form of articles, journals of tourism management, research papers, related articles, magazines, and government tourism sources.

The researcher took North-Indian region as the universe of the study and the findings indicate that significant economic opportunities exist for local food in the development of tourism and recommends that the local food vendors need more awareness in food safety and quality control to win the confidence of the tourists. Introduction It has been long-established that food is the most primary form of survival.

The consumption of foods differs from place to place depending upon the kind of ingredients available. Its ever so varying consumption whether at home or while traveling that provides the feeling of contentment is the process of eating. A tourist who would come to such destinations would not want to leave without trying these delicacies.

On the same note, these foods affect the other elements of travel, like fun activities, accommodation, transportation and vice versa.


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