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Microsoft Office versi kedua Office 16 adalah penerus dari Microsoft Office yang diperkenalkan pada 27 April untuk Windows 10 dan 12 Juni untuk macOS. Meski saat ini telah hadir versi yang lebih baru, yakni Officenamun Office masih memiliki banyak peminat. Berbeda dengan Office yang masih mendukung Windows 7 dan Windows 8, Office hanya mendukung Windows 10 atau yang lebih baru dan macOS Mojave atau yang lebih baru.

Microsoft Office dapat menjadi solusi bagi pengguna yang tidak ingin memigrasikan semua datanya ke cloud menggunakan Officedengan menyertakan banyak fitur yang sebelumnya hanya diterbitkan melalui Office Beberapa fitur yang ditambahkan seperti peningkatan fitur inking alat tinta digitaldukungan LaTeX untuk Word, fitur animasi baru untuk PowerPoint, formula baru dan bagan di Excel untuk analisis data.

Lihat Juga : Download Microsoft Office Tahun demi tahun, Microsoft terus melakukan inovasi. Dalam download ms word bagas OfficeOffice menambahkan berbagai fitur baru seperti alat tinta digital dan fitur kemudahan penggunaan. Microsoft Office memungkinkan pengguna untuk menambahkan visual SVG ke dalam dokumen, spreadsheet, dan juga presentasi.

Kemampuan baru ini tentu saja dapat memaksimalkan produktivitas pengguna dalam membuat maupun mengedit dokumen secara lebih fleksibel tanpa harus melakukan konversi file SVG ke format lain seperti sebelumnya.

Office juga telah menambahkan digital inking alat tinta digital untuk berbagai keperluan di Excel, Word, Visio, dan juga PowerPoint. Pengguna dapat menggunakan по этому сообщению ini untuk menggambar, menandai teks, menyeleksi teks, menambahkan garis, hingga mengonversikannya dalam bentuk shape.

Ada banyak sekali jenis pen, warna, dan ukuran yang bisa Anda jadikan pilihan sesuai kebutuhan. Office juga telah menambahkan Microsoft Translator untuk menerjemahkan dokumen, kata, atau kalimat yang diseleksi dengan mudah dan cepat.

Download ms word bagas juga dapat menyisipkan persamaan matematika atau bahkan di luar simbol matematika menggunakan sintak LaTeX.

Penggunaan sintak Powerpoint 64 bit codec mp3 dapat menghasilkan output persamaan yang lebih profesional. Office juga telah menambahkan alat transformasi baru yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk membuat download ms word bagas, transisi, dan pergerakan objek yang mulus dan menarik dengan slide PowerPoint. Kemudian Access juga mendapatkan bagan baru dan tipe data Large Number untuk menghitung angka besar supaya lebih efisien. Fitur-fitur yang ditambahkan ini tentu saja dapat download ms word bagas efisiensi dan produktivitas pengguna dalam mengolah data dengan jumlah besar.

Dari segi tampilan mungkin sedikit berbeda dengan Officenamun secara fitur, keduanya tidak jauh berbeda. Berikut ini link untuk mengunduh paket Microsoft Office langsung dari situs resmi Microsoft. Untuk cara aktivasi Microsoft OfficeAnda bisa simak panduannya di sini. By Rudi Dian Arifin. Isi tampilkan. Fitur Microsoft Office Elemen visual baru. Digital inking. Microsoft Translator.

Fitur animasi baru. Bagan dan formula download ms word bagas. Download Microsoft Office Beli Lisensi Office Original di Shopee. Download Microsoft Office 32 Bit. Download Microsoft Office 64 Bit. Tags : Komputer. Discussion 7 Comments.

Batalkan по ссылке. Download ms word bagas berkata:. Rizna berkata:. SAMBO berkata:. Wahyu Setia Bintara. Adella Eka Ridwanti. Yunita Setiyaningsih. By Wahyu Setia Bintara. Berikut kami sajikan kumpulan gambar anime keren berkualitas HD yang bisa Anda jadikan koleksi.



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By using the cards, you can organize all projects and day-to-day work to have a clear overview of the progress in your projects. The app can bring your entire team in one platform, making it easier for you to work together seamlessly. As mentioned, it comes with a digital dashboard, where you can create, organize, and prioritize your tasks. It employs a card system, allowing easier collaboration. Even better, it comes with advanced features and power-ups that you can use in organizing your cards.

Among those are the color-coded labels. This lets you sort your cards at the level of their priority. However, note that each label requires a color, and you can quickly run out of identifiable color after ten labels or so. Another nifty feature that the app provides is its ability to create automation. Also known as command runs or Butler , this function allows you to follow one action with another.

For instance, if someone moves a card to another board, the card’s action will automatically check off any remaining subtasks on that card. There is a list of triggers and actions that lets you automate these types of repetitive actions. It’s not that exhaustive, but it covers common scenarios. Finally, Trello lets you add more features to your dashboard through third-party Google Chrome extensions. You can add a time-tracker to see how long a task is completed.

You can even add a limit to your work-in-progress board, which gives you a warning when you exceed the limit. If you have a paid account that allows integration, you can even connect Trello to other business apps beyond what’s in the Chrome Extension store.

Setting up Trello is an uncomplicated matter that only takes minutes. It does not require a mountain of information to get started, You only need your name, email, and password , and you are ready to go. Once launched, it will bring you to your dashboard. From there, you can work on a previously untitled board, or you can create a new one. As noted, Trello’s interface is clean and fresh-looking. It is also easy to navigate.

Displayed on the main screen are your recently viewed boards and your personal boards. You can create boards from the main dashboard or the Boards tab and name each board to suit the projects. You can even schedule these tasks for certain dates and times. Christine Roa, for helping him wonderful ideas without reluctance to whom he owe a lot in making this accomplished paper. Positive Influences of Social Media to the Learners…………..

Negative Influences of Social Media to the Learners…………………. Conceptual Framework of the study………………………………. Flowchart of Methodology………………………. People become technoholics and become active users of social media. We are using this gadgets to connect and interact with our family, friends, relatives, co-workers and etc. Any web site that allows social interaction is considered as social media.

The Philippines has one of the highest numbers of social network users across Southeast Asia, with social media penetration rate of approximately 67 percent as of January On average, Filipinos spent almost four hours using social media Sanchez During the outbreak of COVID many things has change in the entire world including the educational system.

Undoubtedly the social media was brought a lot of useful things especially for educational purposes. Both teacher and students are dealing with it and facing the screens from time to time since face to face classes are highly restricted. Prior to that concern all schools and institutions must have to adopt and redesigned new curriculum which suitable that responds to the present needs of the community.

Teachers are using another techniques for profession efficacy in this present times while experiencing the crisis in the Philippines. They can now upload their modules, posting updates and information and even viewing and checking the output of the students. The students and teachers help to obtain relevant school matters and interact virtually along the learning process. However this is not just how it ends things, we should have to look upon the other viewpoint.

In fact the tertiary education along with various institutions are now implementing and embracing the new learning modalities both flexible and blended learning technique just to avoid the academic freeze. This is one of the reason why students today are excessively checking their social media accounts like Facebook account and Messenger to update themselves about school matters whether they like it or not.

But have we ever wonder how was the status of this kind of system since the day that the Department of Education or DepEd along with CHED or Commission on Higher Education begins to establish this new system in the entire Philippines. In connection to that issue this study research will try to examine how the social media really influenced the education of the leaners who became an active users of social media platforms specifically to determine the negative and positive influence of social media to the learners.

Lastly to identify the effects of social media utilization affecting the academic performance of the learners. What are the positive and negative influence of social media to the learners? What are the effects of social media utilization to the academic performance of the learners?

This study aims to explore and identifies the different influences of social media utilization of students and relate it to their actual academic performance, the results will reveal whether they have control over their social media consumption or not. Uses and gratification approach identifies the needs and motives behind online media usage. This study aims to explore the effects of social in doing the school work of the students using social media in academic related purposes and whether it affects them positively or negatively.

Connectivism learning approach emphasizes the role of social media context in how learning occurs and explains how Internet technologies have created new opportunities for people to learn and share information across the World Wide Web and among themselves Siemens, Connectivism theory suggests that students are encouraged to seek out information on their own online and express what they find and that learning may reside in non-human appliances. Connectivism suggests that the use of technology to help individuals to be connected with knowledge and information ought to improve the learning process not vice versa.

Evans, Shows the influence of social media to the learners and the effects of social media utilization to the academic performance of the learners. This study focused on the positive and negative effects of social media particularly to the different learners or students from various academic levels. Identify the effects 1. Able to identify the Influence of Social II. Analyze and 2.

Able to identify the Synthesize Gathered effects of social media Data utilization to the V. Presentation of Data academic VI. Conclusion and performance of the Recommendation learners. Figure 1. This will explains the connection and the relationship on the effects of using social media towards the academic performance of the learners. To the Students. This study will greatly contribute to them to have an idea how to use the social media effectively for their learning including the Pros and Cons of social media.

By determining its positive and negative influences of social media and the effects of using social media as their learning tool. To the Parents. To guide their sons and daughter towards attaining good grades academically excellent and to be succeed in their studies in general. To the Readers. This study will help the readers to have an awareness and being informed about the negative and positive effects of social media especially to the users. To be responsible and become a wise user of any form of social media platforms and to understand the difference between the virtual world and the reality.

To the Researchers. This research will helpful to those who are conducting research in the future that can be serve as their additional reference and guide in making the research. The limit of this study is focus mainly on the learners all different levels and types of learners where the various influences and effects of social media will be discussed and specified.

Learner is a person who is trying to gain knowledge or skill in something by studying, practicing, or being taught.

Social Media are forms of electronic communication which facilitate interactive base on certain interests. Social media include web and mobile technology.

Social Networking Sites is a website where people put information about them and can send to others. All the needed reviews of literature from various studies which comprise the evidence on this research will be discussed thoroughly in this chapter.

According to Kaplan and Haenlein users at this time were considered consumers not participants. These new affordances are what made the applications and dynamic interaction of social networking possible. Some of the common features that qualify a tool to be considered a social networking site are: enabling users to communicate with each other in an easy way and allowing users to exchange information, pictures and messages Dick, There are many forms of social media, presented in the table below, which allow users to interact with other media users of their choice.

Youtube and Fliki. Wikipedia, wikia. Social media refers to the means of interaction among people in which they create, share, exchange and comment among themselves in different networks.

Social media has become one of the major channel of chatting through platforms such as 2go, BB chat, blogger and wikia. There has been an increase in the mobile social media which has created new opportunity for browsing. The internet usage effect of social media, in views of Nielsen is that, students continue to spend more time on the social media than any site.

Kaplan and Haenlein classified social media into six different classes as follows: 1. Collaborative Project Wikipedia 2. Blogs and Micro blogs Twitter 3.

Content Communities Youtube 4. Virtual Game World World of war craft 6. Virtual Second World Second life 2. For students, Facebook was the most adopted tool for formal academic communication, followed by WhatsApp The random positive influence of social media to the learners was under the results of the study conducted by Cruz Announcements: It was concluded that social networks are generally used for announcements.

It is very useful to announce something to somebody. People using social networks certainly see the announcements first when they sign in social networks. Young people often use social networks. Interaction is much quicker and easier on SNSs. If we share an announcement, everybody can reach it. For instance, if there is information about an event that is updated, it can reach you immediately.

If there are events like these, Facebook can reach us easily. Sometimes, there can be announcements, and if there are materials related to the class, they are shared and announced there. It could be more effective to use social networks to inform students as most of them use them every day. Communication: It was concluded from the findings that many young people use social networks as a new communication tool. They prefer social networks to communicate instead of calling people or sending them e-mails.

Providing the opportunity to reach many people immediately is a reason to use social networks as a communication tool. Communicating with teachers on social networks somehow affects the relationship with them in daily life, and it can make your relationship deeper. Then, they try to socialize there. However, if we use Facebook, we can add them as our friends, and then we can talk to them after a while.

We can share our ideas related to classes there more comfortably. As a result, I can know the people around me better there. It was very easy to find them thanks to Facebook, and now we can meet. Sometimes I was talking to foreigners to improve my English. I had a friend that I talked and messaged regularly. There are some groups, and I follow what they share.

I also share something. I also use it for communication. Sometimes I use it for reading news and the comments people make. In other words, I generally use it for communication. The ones who are members of social networks can share information about different issues with each other.

Discussion environments could be created about this question or topic and information about these can be interchanged. For example, we discuss like that; it would be better if we do that on social networks. Students can express their opinions in a more comfortable way and defend them courageously. The students who do not join the discussions in class can join these discussions thanks to social networks.

These environments give more time to students to think. They express their opinions after they think about the subject. Therefore, people feel themselves happy because of the good things shared about them. That can make you feel happy and you can share it on your page. It can be motivating. We take it more seriously. If they see the assignment you did, they would try to do a better one.

If our teachers told us to shoot a video and share it on a social network, we can be sure about that we have prepared a better material. I think it affects positively because it gives people ideas there. Explaining students that their assignments would be shown on social networks might cause students to prepare assignments that are better, devoted and have a developed content. Resources: It was concluded from the findings that social networks are rich in terms of content.

It is possible to find something about you search for or you are interested in. It provides to reach different sources about different subjects. Social network users create groups about different subjects in accordance with their hobbies and share materials having rich content.

They shared the exam questions. We used them for sharing our knowledge. For example, there was a group about language learning. You share the link there, and everybody in the group knows it. There are many materials you can find there. I can find them there easily. The exam we had is already here, so they can take a photo of it and share it.

When we find notes, we share them there. School materials, class materials of previous years and exam questions can be shared on social networks. Nothing happens to these notes in there, so new students can use the same materials.

Student groups can create their own groups and share the entire common materials during a term on the network. Enabling restudying: It was concluded from the findings that they have a chance to see the materials again which were shared on social networks. The materials shared on social networks can be seen by users whenever they want. There can be many people who want to ask the same question. They can study whenever they want. There is no time limit like day and night, and no need to come to school.

There is no possibility of losing the materials shared by students on social networks. Until the person who uploaded the material removes it, it can be stored on social networks. Self-Evaluation: It was concluded from the findings that the materials shared on social networks may help students to evaluate themselves.

A presentation that students can shoot can be shared on social networks. It helps students to evaluate themselves. At the same time, as other students have a chance to watch the video, they can prepare better materials.

It can be motivating not to do the same mistakes again. If I encounter a problem on my presentation, I will try not to do the same thing again. This may help people who will make presentations later. Therefore, a video recorded and uploaded on social network may help you to realize how you behave in the classroom and evaluate yourself. I could see how, why and where I used something. Students can see the materials on social networks and evaluate themselves.

Most of the social network users often spend their free time in Facebook or similar social networks. Interestingly, although most of the users log in the social site for a short time, they unwittingly spend too much time there. It is something for me to waste time. It is really addictive. In my opinion, one of your friends writes a message, then the second one, and then the third one writes messages. It takes hours to reply their messages and chat with them.

It definitely cannot be used for educational purposes. Students sit in front of it and use it for things other than education. In sum, nine of the ten focus groups stated that using social networks for educational purposes can lead most students to waste of their time. Students with social network accounts could prefer to spend most of their spare time surfing in a social network instead of studying course materials Cruz Being Asocial: It was concluded that most users log in social network sites to become more gregarious.

However, unfortunately they become asocial because people on the social networks do not do any common activity. They have little time to socialize due to spending all their spare time on social networks. I think social networks should be removed to socialize students. Social networks are a major obstacle to socialize.

Most students sign up for Facebook to socialize, but they become asocial. In addition, the time needed to socialize is spent in Facebook. There are many ideas consciously aimed at influencing the opposite party in form of innocent dialogs on the social networks. After that the subject shifts to a different place. Anyone dealing with the issue is trying to impose their own opinions to others. People naturally like to spread their thoughts to one side. Most of the time, they can be pulled in the direction desired.

I think they are oriented in a very easy way on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. There are certain stereotyped things. We stay under all kinds of orientation including political, social, and economical. When we enter social networks, we share most of the things as if they were our own thoughts. These thoughts may be wrong. People who read the message have been directed politically, socially and economically.

People read these messages, learn our thoughts on these issues, and so the form of their thoughts can be changed. I know a lot of friends who come up with just the issues they have learned on social networks to argue with me.

Students on a social network environment are exposed to the ideas including all kinds of political and illegal propaganda, and as a result their thoughts are affected.

Especially at a young age, immature students can stay under the influence of this propaganda and their ideas may change or be blurred.

Distraction: It was concluded from the findings that a lot of users on a social network environment are exposed to various distracting stimuli which are pop-ups, statements, messages or announcement sent by others. If your attention is distracted, education cannot be given.

There are so many things that can distract your attention on social networks. Some course materials are discussed on the social network. While students write messages regarding topic of the debate, one of the friends posts a message. Disturbing: It was concluded from the findings that the people of the opposite sex on social networks will cause disturbance to each other.

One will bother by sending a message to the person whom one likes and has an interest in. Social networks help individuals feel themselves to be free and do things that they normally do not in their daily lives. One can easily send a text message to his or her interest in the opposite sex and this way can disturb him or her.

At that moment your psychology is disrupted and you cannot study. I refused the invitation. I received the invitation from the same person, and refused it again. He sent me a message and asked me to meet. I certainly did not reply any of his messages. Briefly, four out of the ten focus groups said that individuals used social network environments for different purposes. It is especially very common to use social networks to send a message to the opposite sex.

If social networks are used for educational purposes, the possibility of disturbing the opposite sex by sending a message will raise.

Lack of Privacy: It was concluded from the findings that personal information can be easily learned from the social network environment. People still do not realize how unsafe social networking is and the information put there can be accessed by anyone in some way. I do not like that everyone uploads pictures and shares thoughts about everything. The moment you put your personal information or pictures in the Internet environment, you lose your control over them.

Twitter is worse. Last time one broke my Facebook account, took my password and chatted with some girls from our class. The girls shared their private information. People who are engaged share pictures of engagement and people who got married share pictures of the wedding. I think these kind of pictures should be private, should be shown to only special people who are your intimate friend, family members, or relatives. In brief, all of the focus groups stated that the social network environment violates the privacy, and information shared there is not secure any more.

In addition, even if it is used for educational purposes, personal information of users can be reached. The students, who will use the social network, should be informed about the privacy of personal information and warned to be careful when sharing personal information before using it. Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is the use of electronic media—whether email, text messages, or on SNSs—to bully or harass an individual.

Cyberbullying has features that make it more appealing to some than traditional bullying. Willard identified that cyberbullying can occur any time, day or night. Many individuals cyberbully because they think it is entertaining and funny, not realizing the negative impact it has on the victim National Crime Prevention Council, ; Smith et al. They shorten everything in messages when they text.

Abbreviations shift to bad words later. The vowel letters are usually dropped and only the consonant letters stay in the sentence. Slang language is used a lot. I usually drop the vowel letters in a sentence and do the same thing in hand writing. Sometimes instead of dropping vowel letters in the sentence, I shorten some of the words. I sometimes do not understand the sentences written by combination of three or four letters and numbers.

There is always abbreviation. They write three letters and when you try to understand what it is, you understand that it is an abbreviation of a sentence. While you are doing this, it is very hard to find out for the ones whose things you use.

Many people use ready-to-use materials instead of creating some new ones. But another person from a different school takes and uses the homework in an environment open to all; therefore, it cannot be found out easily. After all, we can do nothing about it. In my view, if I am done with that homework, no problem for me if someone uses it. However, if the one who has taken my homework acts as if it is his own homework, it may be a problem in terms of education. Now you see that four or five people own it.

It is unknown that whose idea it is. The weird thing is that some words are quite familiar, and we know whom they belong to. You see that he shows it as if it was his own saying. He creates such an impression. Those are not his own ideas; he just copies and pastes the ones that he admires most. I think that nobody writes their own feelings there. That is, technology can be easily copied and multiplied after all.

It is also a risk. I had seen similar events like that. Formerly used materials are copied by students, they do exactly the same or a similar one, and this affects their creativity and development. The use of these networks in educational fields causes an increase in plagiarism. Depression and Anxiety Spending too long on social networking sites could be adversely affecting your mood.

In fact, chronic users are more likely to report poor mental health, including symptoms of anxiety and depression. It doesn’t take much thinking to figure out why. Comparing yourself to other people is a sure path to anxiety, and social media has only made this easier to do.

As with many other potential ills in life, it’s all about moderation. This personality trait connects with the desire to constantly connect with and follow others on different social networks. Prior literature on FoMO has suggested that the desire to persistently stay connected online to monitor or communicate with others is likely to result in the excessive use of mobile phones Elhaiet al.

On social media platforms, FoMO is usually apparent when the user impulsively wants to connect in inappropriate situations, for example, right after waking up, during lectures or meetings or while driving Przybylski et al.

Moreover, individuals with the feeling of FoMO are more likely to have negative emotional feelings, social exclusion and social envy Hetz et al. Although FoMO is prevalent in all cohorts of online users, recent studies have reported a higher level of FoMO among adolescents and young adults, i. For instance, the study carried out by Beyens et al. Unhealthy Sleep Patterns On top of increasing the incidents of anxiety and depression, spending too much time on social media can lead to poor sleep.

Numerous studies have shown that increased use of social media has a negative effect on your sleep quality. If you feel like your sleep patterns have become irregular and have led to a drop in productivity, try to cut down on the amount of time you browse social media. This is especially the case when using your phone in bed at night. It’s all too easy to tell yourself that you’ll spend five minutes checking your Facebook notifications, only to realize an hour later that you’ve been mindlessly scrolling through Twitter content you don’t even care about.


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